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[Johannesburg, 18 January 2024] – Capability, a distinguished specialised cleaning entity catering to the food processing, industrial manufacturing, and warehousing sectors, is thrilled to announce the debut of its fresh brand visual identity and tagline, “High-Performance Cleaning.” This momentous transformation signifies a significant milestone in the company’s rich history, originating from Capacity and evolving into a crucial cleaning division at Adcorp Group to meet the specialised needs of industrial sectors.

The unveiling of Capability’s new brand image represents a strategic move towards reinforcing its commitment to excellence in high-performance cleaning solutions. The brand’s roots, stemming from the inception of Capacity and its evolution into a dedicated cleaning division within Adcorp Group, underscore its extensive experience and expertise in serving industrial sectors.

“As Capability evolves, our new visual identity and ‘High-Performance Cleaning’ tagline encapsulate our dedication to delivering exceptional cleaning solutions tailored to the unique demands of the food processing, industrial manufacturing, and warehousing industries,” commented Louis Van Tonder, Managing Executive at Capability. “This milestone reflects our continued commitment to innovation and service excellence.”

In reflecting on our journey, Capacity laid a foundational groundwork pivotal to the brand’s present success. During its dealings with industrial clients, Capacity recognised the unique and specific cleaning needs of these industries. This recognition prompted the inception of Capability, as we saw an opportunity to add additional value through a specialised cleaning service line.

Doryn Dippenaar, Head of Business Development for Capability expressed “In adopting the tagline “High-Performance Cleaning,” we aim to underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence, efficiency, and effectiveness in upholding cleanliness and hygiene standards. As integral components of our brand, sustainability and eco-friendliness play crucial roles. Furthermore, we seek to encapsulate people’s safety, community engagement, and governance as driving forces behind our brand, ultimately ensuring the delivery of high-performance cleaning services.

As we celebrate our journey, tracing back to the times of Capacity, we simultaneously look forward to a future where Capability continues to be synonymous with high-performance cleaning in industrial sectors. This transformative milestone underscores Capability’s unwavering dedication to innovation, service excellence, and the continued delivery of cutting-edge cleaning solutions.

For media enquiries or more information about the new brand visual identity and tagline, please contact:

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